Monday, November 8, 2010


Our weekend was pretty low key.  Friday night we were supposed to go to dinner with friends but as I mentioned before I haven't been sleeping well and this no sleep thing is really taking a toll on my body.  I was not feeling well at all and didn't eat dinner and just went straight to bed.  You know I am sick when I pass up a steak and texas toast at Rubes.  I was so bummed.

Saturday we watched football all morning and afternoon.  Gosh, what great games.  Such a bummer that the Cyclones lost to NE, but what a great fight and fun game to watch.  Saturday night turned into a bloody mess.  Will's LOVES to run on the couch  and as he was doing just that, he took a header into the arm of the couch (which is not soft like the rest).  Tom picked him up and there was just blood everywhere.  Talking about scary!  It wouldn't stop and the poor guy was hurting and  was scared.  We finally got him to calm down and got the blood under control.  I was very nervous to look inside his mouth as I was not sure what I would find or not find (missing teeth).  Thankfully, all teeth were accounted for and we were just looking at a big, bruised lip.  One would think after that he would learn his lesson . . . nope.  30 minutes later he was going to attempt it again.

Sunday we played outside, went for a walk, cleaned the house for Grammy to come and stay with us, danced with Will (he was loving So What by Pink :) and then went over to Mary's house for Grace's b-day.  I can't believe she is 9.  My nieces and nephews are growing up WAY too fast!!!!  Food wasn't my friend last night so dinner was skipped and so was cake and ice cream.  This is NOT the diet I want to be on, but hopefully this means that baby boy #2 is doing well in there and that is the reason why food is not my friend! 

Today I am going to attempt to go to the gym.  I haven't been since we found out about our little guys bladder and I am hoping this will give me a little bit more energy.  I walk up the stairs and am winded - not a good sign when you want to keep up with your 1 year old!

Continuing on with things I am thankful for :) . . .
Nov 8 - toast and orange juice.  Toast is the only food that sounds good to me and orange juice tastes so good and gives me the nutrients I need as food hasn't been my friend these past few weeks.  Did you know that light orange juice is just made up of filtered water and orange juice?  What a rip off!

Nov 7 - beautiful weather!  It just makes the day SO much better . . . especially when it hits 70 degrees in November!  Tom took Will outside to play football, run around in the grass and just be boys.  It was so cute to watch.  I just pray that baby boy#2 will be able to do the same with his big brother and Daddy.  I can see all three of them being outside being boys and hope that God knows how much I want that to be true.

Nov 6 - for the weekend.  I love every part of the weekend - and this weekend it was beautiful!  I love that I get to spend 2 full days with my hubby and Will and especially love when there isn't anything going on and we can lounge in our pj's all day! 

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