Monday, November 15, 2010

Am I Crazy?

I have read two stories about families that have been in almost the exact same position as we are in with our little boy's condition. Click below if you like to read further.

Both of these families saw Dr. Quintero - he is supposed to be the king of all surgeons when it comes to fetal surgery and he is the only doctor in the US that has performed the fetal surgery on the actual blockage. I am obviously putting the cart before the horse here as we don't know what exactly we are dealing with, but I am honestly considering flying to FL. My parents are in Naples for 3 weeks and Miami or Tampa (he performs surgeries in both cities) are only 2 hours away.

Now, if only tickets weren't un-godly expensive! Another thing that makes me start biting my nails is the surgery would be out network . . . meaning we would have to pay 30% of the bill, which I can imagine would be a lot.

I thought I had lost all of my optimism but I think it's starting to return!

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