Friday, August 16, 2013

Hi, My Name is Owen

I thought time went fast once we had Will, however it goes even faster once you have another baby.  Owen is now 2 months 6 Months8 months 1 year 18 months and time has just come and gone by way too fast.  You see all those strike-throughs?  That's because I keep trying to finish this post and easily get distracted.  Story of my life. 

We have fit so much stuff in, yet I don't feel I fit enough snuggle time in with Owen.  I also can't believe how easily you forget when things occurred.  I now know why my Mom didn't even know if I had the chicken pox and why I didn't have a baby book.  I will now give you credit, Mom - you're welcome.

For those that know me, you know I just love the itty bitty snuggling stage but guess what?  Owen isn't a snuggler.  He's all over the house and has teeth (and had all his teeth by about 13 months)!  It can't be true!

3 Days - 8 lbs - Biliruben check and discovered Owen had a heart murmur
1 week - 9 lbs and 22 inches - Cardiologist appointment
18 Days - 22.5 inches (91%), 9 lbs 10 oz (69%)
28 days 11 lbs 6 oz - 91% (doctor check to see about his circumcision)
6 weeks 3 days - 13 lbs 10 oz - off the charts (check on cough)
8 weeks 3 days - 14 lbs 10 oz off the charts (check on cradle cap that went to face)
2 month check up -  25.3 in - off the charts and 14 lbs 93%
4 month check up - 26.8 in - 96% and 18 lbs - 95%
6 month check up - 28.5 in  - 95% and 21.3 lbs - 93%
9 month check up - 31 in - >97% and 24 lbs - 92% (I think this is correct)
12 month check up - 32.5 in - >97% and 24 lbs - 91%
15 month check up - 34 in - >97% and 30 lbs - 97%

Here's the basics of what has been going on the past 2, 6, 8, 11 months . . .  and now 18 months.  I know this is long, but this is mostly my way of keeping track of my kiddos lives.  

  • February 24th, 2012 we checked in for our 6:30 AM appointment to have a baby.  Weird right?  Hi, Laura Jackovin, here for my 6:30 appointment to have a baby!  
  • 7:00 AM the doctor broke my water and we were on our way to meeting our son.
  • 10:30 epidural God came in and everything was then smooth sailing (for the record, I am all for the epidural, it doesn't make you any less of a women, in fact, why would you not??).
  • 1:00 PM I felt some "pinching" so thought I might mention increasing the good stuff (side note:  I wanted to make sure they didn't turn my epidural off like they did with Will) .
  • After a quick check, I was at a 10 and it was time go time . . .
  • With 2 pushes, Owen Charles Jackovin came into the world at 1:30 PM weighing in at 8 pounds, 10 ounces and 21.5 inches (another reason why scheduled inductions are the way to go - can you imagine if I went to 41 weeks like I did with Will??).
  • Grammy Polking was the first to meet Owen followed closely by Papa Polking and Will.  When Will met Owen he adored him and has ever since (much to our surprise).  He always wants him around, wants to kiss him, hug him, wake him up and just love him (sometimes a little too much).  He also calls him Owen vs Train.  Major plus.  Now that we are 8 11 18 months into the big brother gig; happy to report he still loves Owen even though Owen loves Will's toys.  Will tries clever tricks to make Owen want to play with a different toy, however Owen quickly catches on.
  • Owen met most of the family and a lot of friends and he and his big bro were very spoiled with so many great presents (in fact, this might be one big reason Will loves being a big bro - he loved all the big bro presents, great work family/friends)!
  • Sadly, Owen had to be pricked quite a few times for high band levels (which thankfully leveled off) and also had jaundice.  He soaked up some rays in the "tanning bed" and levels remained the same for his jaundice so we were sent HOME on Sunday.  He also had to be out of our room for quite a while so the nurses/pediatricians could keep an eye on him.
Life at Home . . .

My parents dropped Will off at the hospital on Sunday morning and we were on our way home as a family of 4.  We all adjusted great, Owen was eating and sleeping very well and Will loved having his little brother home.  We thought once the big brother presents wore off Will wouldn't really care for Owen, but he still loves his brother.   That doesn't however mean we can we leave Will and Owen alone in the same room without a parent present.

The following Monday morning we went in for an appt to check on Owen's jaundice and all was cleared there, however the doctor noticed a heart murmur.  We then found ourselves making an appt to the pediatric cardiologist and had to wait until Thursday to find out what that murmur meant.  This super agonizing having to wait until Thursday to find out what was going on with our 3 day old baby's heart.

Thursday finally came and after an echo, x-ray and ultrasound, Owen was diagnosed with VSD (ventricular septal defect):  a hole in the heart.  Although, leave it to Owen to be a bit different, he has not just one hole, but 6-8 tiny holes (very rare).  This type of defect is very common, but what's not so common is that there are multiple holes vs. just one.  With multiple holes the chance of them closing on their own goes down from 99% to a 40-60% chance.  At this appointment Owen was already up to his birth weight and was 22 inches (I don't think they stretched him out well enough at the hospital ;).)

This news was definitely not the news we wanted and was extremely hard on us, not to mention we were right across the hall from the place where we found out we would lose our 2nd little boy.  I had hoped we would NEVER have to go back to that place.  But looking on the positive side, with Owen's situation we can control the outcome and there is a solution if the holes get larger or start to effect his heart.

After Owen's appt we were given things to watch for (which happen to be common things in infants) and told to come back in 4 weeks.  That first week we were on edge and stressed, but we decided we can't live like that, so we were going to do our best to be positive and optimistic.  With this type of defect, it's a wait and see kind of game.  We will continue to have checkups to see if the holes are putting pressure on his heart or affecting his growth.  If ALL the holes close SUPER AWESOME, but the likelihood of that isn't in our favor.  Fast track through the appointments we have had and at 6 months Owen was cleared for a year.  Now that year has hit and while he still has all of his holes, we are cleared for another year.  We'll take it!

One of the number one signs that his heart isn't handling the holes is a lack of interest in eating and not growing.   Clearly these holes have nothing on Owen.  This boy loves his food, is growing faster than a weed and is super strong.  For those that haven't seen the video of Owen rolling over from his back to his tummy at 2 weeks on FB, you must take a look.  It's crazy!  And it wasn't just a fluke, he didn't ever look back.

Owen started sleeping 8 hours at night after 2 weeks.
1 day before he hit 4 weeks, he slept 9 hours
11months he sleeps from 7-7 and is taking 2 naps
18 months he sleeps from 7-6:30 and is down to 1 afternoon nap

Here I am tying at 6.5 7 8 11 and now 18 months to remember everything about Owen and am so mad at myself for not having this all written out.  Here is a super long and I have probably bored you all to sleep shortened recap of life at the Jackovins.  

2 Months
  • Lazy baby that liked to sleep, eat, and get his diaper changed 
  • Started grabbing for toys and loves his thumb
  • He is awake a little more now and gets bored which is obviously frustrating for him and not exactly the easiest age.

3 Months
Mommy went back to work and Owen stayed with Daddy, Melissa and his Grammy's (HUGE THANKS for all of the help).  We were so lucky to have had family watch him for a few weeks, certainly made the transition back to work a little easier.
  • Eating 5, 6 ounce bottles
  • Smiling
  • Drooling
  • Sweat Buckets
  • Loves all the toys Mommy can't resist buying
4 Months
  • Owen turned over from his back to tummy and hasn't stopped since
  • Started eating rice cereal
  • Still eating 5, 6 ounce bottles
  • Going to bed around 7:30 and sleeping until 6:30 - 7.  Taking 3 naps a day.
  • Gets so excited to see us which melts our hearts
5 Months
  • Cheekers is his nickname and drooling is his game
  • Started army crawling
  • Got his front bottom tooth and now the other one is starting to come in
  • Is happy as a lark
  • Droller
  • Loves the bath and likes to move all around
  • Loves cereal
  • Tried Squash, Peas and carrots.
  • Loves his bottle and we just moved to 4, 7.5 ounce bottles which makes a world of difference with his morning and afternoon nap.  I was having a hard time getting 5 in, so McChubbers gets more sleep and we don't have to try cramming bottles in.
  • Eating cereal in the morning and introduced baby food at dinner - so far great schedule

6 Months
  • Such a happy babe and so content  
  • Rocking back and forth on all 4s
  • Sitting up by himself, but if he sees a toy . . . balance goes out the doors
  • Loves cereal and food (moved onto stage 3)
  • Started daycare on September 4th (still adjusting one month in, but getting better)
  • Loved having his Grammy's watch him for 2 weeks
  • Can go from crawling position to sitting up position
  • We had a Drake student nanny for us this summer.  Her name is Heather and Will for some reason calls her Feather and it has stuck.
  • Thinks his brother is pretty hilarious

7 Months
  • Started eating real food (spaghetti and meatballs is his fav
  • Front tooth finally popped in, waiting on the 2nd top tooth
  • Wants nothing to do with his toys, just Will's
  • Doesn't stop moving
  • Goes to bed between 6:30-7 and usually wake him up between 7-8.

8 Months 
  • Sleeping 7-7 and just a happy go lucky, busy baby.  
  • Found the stairs . . . enough said.

9 Months
End of 9 months we were without power due to a huge storm so we finally had enough and went over to my Mary and Brad's house.  They had their fireplace on which I had turned off.  Her girls and I were sitting right by the fireplace and Owen was crawling towards it to grab some decor by the fireplace, I went to grab the decor and Owen's hand slipped into the hot fireplace.

It was his right hand and his favorite thumb.  It was awful.  After about 30 minutes it blistered up very badly so we were of to the ER.  They classified it as a 2nd degree burn and possibly 3rd degree burn.  This was the first of many more doctor appointments to come.  This happened 2 days before Christmas Eve which was not the way we envisioned he would spend his Christmas; with his favorite hand wrapped up.  After a few Dr. appts his poor hand looked awful and they referred us to a plastic surgeon.  Fast forward two later at the plastic surgeons office, his hand looked 75% better than it did 2 days before.  Miracle if you ask me.  He was such a trooper through it all and still remained his happy go lucky, crazy self.

10 months
Now that I am at 18 months I am struggling with what Owen did at 10 months.  My guess is he continued to be busy, always had his cheese ball smile on his face and was still Mommy's boy.  Had a great Christmas and wants to do everything Will is doing.

11 months
  • Really starting to get a personality
  • Does not like when you take something away from him
  • Opening up drawers and Allergic to peanut butter
  • No more mitten
  • Starting to really play with his brother - Will puts a blanket on the ground and Owen gets on it and Will pulls him across the room
  • Still a Mommy's boy
  • Loves his daycare teacher, especially Nermina.  
  • No longer a thumb sucker (because of his poor burn)

12 Months

Owen had a great birthday party with the Polking/Jackovin clan.  Primarily plays with Will's toys, crawling machine, into everything, no more bottles, loves food.  There is nothing small about Owen, he's our tank.

12 - 18 Months
  • Started walking shortly after his birthday
  • Moved to the 1 year old room and is sleeping on a COT.  Yes, you read that right.  I have no idea how they magically got him to do this on his FIRST day.
  • Loves his teachers, especially Holly and Pat
  • Owen has a personality, a strong one
  • All is well in the world until you tell Owen, NO.  Watch out for his reaction - he throws his head back, might try to hit you (with a face that says, what are you going to do about it?), screams, you catch my drift
  • Loves puppies - if he sees one he won't stop until he touches it
  • Outside is his favorite place to be . . . inside is not and he will let you know that
  • Teeth all came in around 13 months - next up are his 2 year old molars
  • Loves his brother, but not when his brother takes his toy OR won't give him a toy
  • Has no fear
  • Still a Mommy's boy
  • Takes a 2 hour afternoon nap
  • Goes to bed at 7 and gets up around 6:30
  • Sleeps with a blankie, teddy bear and giraffe lovie
  • Has had a never ending cold that has lasted all summer
  • Not a fan of TV, but does like to get under the covers
  • 18 month cardiology visit:  still plenty of holes but it isn't holding him back and heart function is great.
  • Saying so many new words and understands what we are telling him to do
  • Sits in timeout way more than Will did at this age
  • Thinks he is the boss . . . and sometimes he is because some battles aren't worth being fought 
  • Learning how to count
  • Can point to and say his body parts
  • Has the best belly laugh
  • Knows how to work his parents
  • Loves reading books and you will likely find him reading books when you go get him in the morning
  • Cutest little cheese ball smile
  • Started to become a little more picky with his foods
  • Loves watermelon
  • Wearing 2 T and foot size is now 6.5
Summer has been great and of course has gone by way too fast!  A few items I actually remember:
  • My parents moved to West Des Moines and while it was sad to say goodbye to my home of 30 years, it has been so nice to have my parents in the area.  We see them at least once a week if not 3-4 times a week.
  • We love our neighborhood.  Kids everywhere and we have met so many great friends!  We had a Berkapaloza block party and there were well over 30 kids.
  • It hasn't been an extremely hot summer which means the boys have been outside a lot.
  • Started the process of finishing our basement and I can't tell you how extremely thankful I am for my father-in-law Gary, that man is so talented and so giving of his time.
  • My parents moved to an area with a pool, major score.  9 times out of 10 I take Will while Owen stays at home with Tom.  Owen can't stay in one area and loves going down to each section of the pool.  Will was very hesitant in the water at the beginning of summer but now loves it!
  • My 99.5 year old Grandma is staying with my parents for a while and it is so great to see her and have her see the kids.  I asked if she was ready to get home after this chaos and she said it reminded her of old times.  I was thinking she might say, get me the hell out of here.
  • Will had his 4th birthday and is all boy - superheros, ninja turtles, pack-man.  Move on over Thomas the Train.
  • Will started his second round of preschool and is in the Penguin room with his cousin Jenna.  So far so good!
  • Owen is still in the one year old room and absolutely loves his teachers and his friends.
It is now August 13th (Owen isn't quite 18 months yet) and I am finally going to publish this extremely long post . . . and  18 months later soon publish a post about Will. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Catch Up!

Life has been busy these past few months and right when things start to calm down, it will just get even busier as the little guy will be coming into this world February 24th (unless of course he comes on his own)!  The biggest news of all is that we sold our house on Christmas Eve Day and bought a new house on New Years Day.  Tom had to travel for 5 days right before we moved so most of our house was moved into the garage 1 week before we took possession of our new house.  Thankfully I have 3 sisters that let Will and me invade their home.

We are now all moved in, unpacked (in two days thanks to nesting) and we are now waiting patiently for our family of three to become a family four.  Nothing like moving and unpacking when you are 37 weeks pregnant.

Here's the rest of what we have been up to these past few months . . .

Starting the list off, we bought a new camera that I love.  It takes great pictures and I don't even know how to use it, so imagine how great of photos it will take when I learn how to use it.  Another big purchase for me was finally welcoming myself into the 2000's and getting an I-phone.

 November 22nd marked 1 year since we lost our little guy so we went to visit his memorial and Will gave him a pumpkin.  

Thanksgiving with the Jackovin side.  Will's a bit outnumbered.

Will still loves trains and they take up an entire room.

We took Will to ride the train and see Santa at the mall.  He rode it 5 times and wanted to go back for more.  He of course told Santa he wanted trains for Christmas.
Will and his cousin Jenna at Polking Thanksgiving.  Turned out to be a beautiful day and we were able to play outside for a few hours!
The Polking cousins chowing down.
Will with his Thomas the Train ornament.  This child has developed a serious love for TTT and knows all of the characters.
Will made sugar cookies one night and this child is just like his Grammy Polking, he just wants to eat the frosting.  Note:  We didn't share these cookies with anyone else.  :)

We had Jenna and Cole over for the night and these 3 had so much fun together.  Will loves to do pushups and his cousins thought it was fun as well.  Hey, start em' early. 

Christmas with the Jackovins.  Will was all about opening presents, NOT smiling for the camera.
New scooter from Grammy and Papa Jackovin

Will opening his presents from Santa.  Santa was pretty smart and knew his love for everything trains.

Both of Will's grandparents celebrated Christmas Day with us!

I didn't get a picture of Will with Gary and Linda as they brought over the present Gary made for his train loving Grandson . . .

Will decided he wanted to potty on the toilet and did very well for 2 days but then it all went out the door when we went to Polking Christmas and then started packing . . . and then moved . . . and now having a baby . . . one of these days.

We celebrated Polking Christmas on New Years Eve and I couldn't think of a better way to ring in the exciting New Year than with family.
 Will rocking out in Grammy's new UGG slippers.
Decorating for the New Years party.
Who doesn't love matching polka dotted PJs?

Not the best photo, but this our new home.  It already feels like home and Will has adjusted very well and loves giving tours of the new house to family and friends that stop by.  Thank you to all of those who helped us move and to my M & D for watching Will for 3 days!

Another great thing about our house is that our good friends, Scott and Amanda bought the house right next door (you can see a bit of it in the above photo).  We couldn't be happier to have them as neighbors!  I'm already planning a b-ball hoop for the driveway and a volleyball net for our backyard.  Tom of course is already planning what our bar will look like when we finish the basement.

Here is the 36 week baby bump (it's definitely gotten bigger the past 3 weeks).  Baby's head is where it is supposed to be so all is good there.  He is still able to move around thanks to me have a super long torso so he will likely stay put until we force him to come out.  We are so excited to meet him and let's be honest, I am ready to not be pregnant and ready for a drink (or 10 2).