Sunday, February 19, 2012

Catch Up!

Life has been busy these past few months and right when things start to calm down, it will just get even busier as the little guy will be coming into this world February 24th (unless of course he comes on his own)!  The biggest news of all is that we sold our house on Christmas Eve Day and bought a new house on New Years Day.  Tom had to travel for 5 days right before we moved so most of our house was moved into the garage 1 week before we took possession of our new house.  Thankfully I have 3 sisters that let Will and me invade their home.

We are now all moved in, unpacked (in two days thanks to nesting) and we are now waiting patiently for our family of three to become a family four.  Nothing like moving and unpacking when you are 37 weeks pregnant.

Here's the rest of what we have been up to these past few months . . .

Starting the list off, we bought a new camera that I love.  It takes great pictures and I don't even know how to use it, so imagine how great of photos it will take when I learn how to use it.  Another big purchase for me was finally welcoming myself into the 2000's and getting an I-phone.

 November 22nd marked 1 year since we lost our little guy so we went to visit his memorial and Will gave him a pumpkin.  

Thanksgiving with the Jackovin side.  Will's a bit outnumbered.

Will still loves trains and they take up an entire room.

We took Will to ride the train and see Santa at the mall.  He rode it 5 times and wanted to go back for more.  He of course told Santa he wanted trains for Christmas.
Will and his cousin Jenna at Polking Thanksgiving.  Turned out to be a beautiful day and we were able to play outside for a few hours!
The Polking cousins chowing down.
Will with his Thomas the Train ornament.  This child has developed a serious love for TTT and knows all of the characters.
Will made sugar cookies one night and this child is just like his Grammy Polking, he just wants to eat the frosting.  Note:  We didn't share these cookies with anyone else.  :)

We had Jenna and Cole over for the night and these 3 had so much fun together.  Will loves to do pushups and his cousins thought it was fun as well.  Hey, start em' early. 

Christmas with the Jackovins.  Will was all about opening presents, NOT smiling for the camera.
New scooter from Grammy and Papa Jackovin

Will opening his presents from Santa.  Santa was pretty smart and knew his love for everything trains.

Both of Will's grandparents celebrated Christmas Day with us!

I didn't get a picture of Will with Gary and Linda as they brought over the present Gary made for his train loving Grandson . . .

Will decided he wanted to potty on the toilet and did very well for 2 days but then it all went out the door when we went to Polking Christmas and then started packing . . . and then moved . . . and now having a baby . . . one of these days.

We celebrated Polking Christmas on New Years Eve and I couldn't think of a better way to ring in the exciting New Year than with family.
 Will rocking out in Grammy's new UGG slippers.
Decorating for the New Years party.
Who doesn't love matching polka dotted PJs?

Not the best photo, but this our new home.  It already feels like home and Will has adjusted very well and loves giving tours of the new house to family and friends that stop by.  Thank you to all of those who helped us move and to my M & D for watching Will for 3 days!

Another great thing about our house is that our good friends, Scott and Amanda bought the house right next door (you can see a bit of it in the above photo).  We couldn't be happier to have them as neighbors!  I'm already planning a b-ball hoop for the driveway and a volleyball net for our backyard.  Tom of course is already planning what our bar will look like when we finish the basement.

Here is the 36 week baby bump (it's definitely gotten bigger the past 3 weeks).  Baby's head is where it is supposed to be so all is good there.  He is still able to move around thanks to me have a super long torso so he will likely stay put until we force him to come out.  We are so excited to meet him and let's be honest, I am ready to not be pregnant and ready for a drink (or 10 2).

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