Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Fun

So many weekends have flown right on by and I am needing a weekend to recover from my weekends.  We went to Chicago the last weekend in September for Tom's G-ma's 90th Birthday.  Will did great in the car thanks to the I-Pad, snacks and juice.  We stayed with our good friends Rob and Katie and Will was in heaven exploring the many rooms and running around like it was his personal gym.

It was great to see the Jackovin extended side again and for Will to finally meet them all.  Will was sitting on Papa's lap which happened to be right next to the Birthday Girl and when everyone started singing Happy Birthday the kid lost it.  Scared out of his mind.  I can't blame him as this was the first time he had met the Jackovin extended side and he doesn't like all eyes on Will (definitely his father's son :)).

The next weekend we had Kelly and Nolan's wedding and what a fun wedding it was.  Kelly is my "kind of cousin" as we call it and also a sorority sister so it was fun to see family AND great friends.  Even the pregnant girl was out dancing to Bon Jovi (duh) and Flo Rida.  It was so fun to see all the Adpi girls, do our ADPi dances again and Kelly was a gorgeous Bride.

Roses to great friends and onions for not being able to simply walk down the hallway to gossip or borrow clolthes.  Pi Love!  :)

"Running just as fast as we can, holding onto one another hands . . ."

On Friday, 10/7 we found out that we are expecting another baby BOY and he is as healthy as can be.  I can't tell you how thankful we are that we have a healthy baby.  Tom and I would have been happy with either a girl or boy, after what we went through with Jack you certainly realize what's important.  We are definitely doing our part to ensure the Jackovin name gets passed down.

While I am very excited that we will get to reuse most of Will's clothes and Will will have a brother . . . I am also worn out thinking about raising another boy.  Will is 2 and has already dislocated his elbow and has bruises on his body at all times.  Pregnancy is going well - my stomach has definitely started to pop out, I feel good, but could really use some more energy.  This little guy is a mover and has been kicking and doing somersaults quite a bit which Tom can now see/feel.  25 weeks down, 15 more to go (but who's counting).

20.5 week belly

That weekend my sisters and Mom headed to North Siberia Ankeny for a slumber party at Tara's house as we were leaving bright and early for our shopping trip to MN on Saturday.  As the saying goes, we shopped till we dropped and got about 1/2 of our Christmas list done.  My sister's and Mom also bought the little guy so many cute clothes to get his wardrobe started!  I forgot how tiny 0-3 month clothes are.

The only picture we got (this was half way through out trip).

The next weekend we had Will's cousin/buddy Jenna over and those two had so much fun and play so well together.  Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch which of course was fun.  Will loved the fast slide and the tractor ride.  We then carved pumpkins and went to visit my parents at the hotel they were staying at so the kids could swim.


As most of you know, will has a extreme slight obsession with trains.  Particularly Thomas the Train.  One of my friends had the costume and let us borrow it.  Will was thrilled.  After his first house he had the hang of Trick or Treating and wouldn't let go of his pumpkin.  He said his knock - knock "joke", looked for suckers and then said thank you and often times stood there longer to see if they would give him more and it worked.  He was worn out by the end.

The first weekend in November we took a family trip to MN as Tom had to be there for work on Monday morning and then fly to Saint Louis.  We stayed at The Depot which was built on an old train depot . . . which also has a train themed water park.  Yes, will was once again in Heaven and you'll see why from the pics below.  The train would erupt every 15 - 20 minutes so Will has labeled the waterpark the "Magic Train".  We were able to do some shopping and then went to our friend Kelly and Nolan's house for lunch and to watch the hawkeye game.  Will took a 3.5 hour nap at their house and was ready to go that night at the waterpark. 

Work is going well for both of us.  Tom has been traveling quite a bit which definitely takes a toll on all of us.  I don't see how single parents do it.  Will isn't a hard child to take care of but it's so nice having team work when it comes to getting them ready in the AM, bath time, bed time, feeding, cleaning up, etc.  You catch my drift.  We usually go play with a cousin or friend so that certainly helps the time go by fast.

What's new with Will?

He's all boy.  Loves everything trains, planes, automobiles, trucks (especially the garbage truck), rough housing with Daddy, and the list goes on.  Will has been obsessed with airplanes for quite a while but now he is obsessed with trains.  I bought him a few Geo Trax sets for Christmas and broke down and let Tom give him one a few weekends ago.  He plays with them non-stop - I would say one of our best investments.  He also loves to watch any show/movie with trains.  I must admit that building the tracks is pretty fun!
Will is adding more and more words to his vocabulary and still make us laugh non-stop and also makes us want to pull our hair out at times.  We asked him the other day if was excited to have a baby brother and he said "No thank you".  He is polite, I'll give him that.

Next on our list is potty training.  Ugh.  I am SO not looking forward to this.

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  1. Sad. I wish I would have known that you were in town (Minneapolis) that weekend. I would have stopped by to see you!