Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 9th

Today I am thankful for the Internet, for many reasons. 
  1. I would not have a job if it were not for the Internet and I really like my job!
  2. I get to easily keep up with my friends and see photos of their families, etc (thanks FB and blogs!).
  3. I was able to research baby boy #2's condition and get in contact with other families who have had to deal with similar situations.  Some that give me hope and some that give me the strength to  deal with what might be thrown our way.
  4. I get to talk to my friends/family on IM which always makes the day go by a little bit faster.
  5. Google is awesome.  Although sometimes it is not good for those that might be a little bit of a hypochondriac (ME).  :)
  6. E-vite rocks- go green, right?
  7. E-mail is awesome, especially for friends that are 2 hours behind . . . I go to bed way too early. 
  8. When Will starts dating (when he is 18 :)) you betcha ya I will look up her record!
  9. Online shopping . . . if you are a good customer, you get free shipping so why would you not shop online?  :)
  10. I get to read spoilers on my soaps, read up on my gossip magazines, catch up on the news/weather, etc!   
On a side note - I just got a call from our genetic counselor and the rest of the CVS results came back NORMAL!  Thank you GOD!  We also discussed what will happen next week and this doctor gives you a little more hope . . . she said sometimes when they do the bladder tap (go in through my belly, the uterus and then the babies bladder to drain/abstract the babies urine) the issue goes away.  So my number 1 request from all of you is to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, this is exactly what happens.  This doesn't mean we will be in the clear, but this would be the best scenario!

Thank you again for all your continued prayers for baby #2, he needs them!  This little guy fought to be conceived so I have no doubt that he is fighting to come into this world as healthy as can be!  I will be honest, anxiety hits me full force when I think about having to see his bladder on the screen next Thursday.   It just makes your heart sink.  But, if things go our way, we will be able to see the bladder decrease when the doctor does the bladder tap. 

At times I think if we do this shunt it is messing with God's plan.  My baby shouldn't have to feel pain at 16 weeks - when he is in the womb he is supposed to be protected from all harm, this is the safest place he will ever be in . . . but here we are poking him with needles and then possibly putting a shunt into his bladder???  After telling my sister my crazy feelings/thoughts she pointed out that God created people to become doctors who are able to perform these miraculous surgeries that could save my babies life.  Can you now tell why I am not getting sleep?  I think WAY too much, my brain doesn't stop.  :)

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