Friday, November 5, 2010

Today . . .

I am thankful for Diet Coke and concealer. 

Without Diet Coke I would not be able to keep my eyes open.  I need 8 hours of sleep to function and these past few days/weeks I have maybe been getting 3 hours of sleep.  Coffee makes me throw up at this point, so Diet Coke it is.  For all of those wondering "I thought you should not drink caffeine when you are pregnant?"  Doctors say you can have up to 200 mg and a 12 oz can of diet coke has only 35 mg . . . so I am in the clear.  :)

My 2nd thing that has been a saver is concealer.  Clinique for that matter.  I have always had a problem with circles under my eyes - no matter how much sleep and water I drink - it doesn't help.  I have asked many doctors about this and they just confirmed what I already knew - I have very thin skin under my eyes . . . thus my issue.  Don't think I have asked them about surgery.  :)  Concealer has helped me look like I have a week old black eye vs a brand new one.  So thank goodness for that!  In college I worked at the GAP and one of my co-workers asked me one day if I had a black eye!  Who would ask something like that?????  I blame the lighting at GAP and perhaps a little bit of dehydration from boozing a bit too much?

Onto my crazy toddler.  If you see him he will do the following:  say HI, give you a hug, start doing the wheels on the bus, put his hands over his eyes and do peak-a-boo and point somewhere and say ball (he knows what a ball is, but I think he just likes to say ball).

He is also BIG into books (not so much the reading, but turning the pages) and can kind of say book.  Doesn't quite get the k at the end but we are working on it.  He will point and say book and then will go and grab it and bring it to you and want you to read it to him.  I just love it.

Tom found Will a tool set and that child loves it.  It's funny how boys get into boy things and girls get into girl thing.  My cousin Jenna already LOVES shoes and wants to choose which ones she is going to wear for the day.  :)

He also loves to dance!  Let's hope he has Mommy's dance moves and not Daddy's!  :)

Have a great weekend!

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