Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11

Today I am thankful for video cameras and my snugly little baby toddler. 

Last night we got the video camera out as Will was so excited that he was putting the shapes into the correct spots.  He would start clapping after each shape went through and would get the biggest smile on his face (when he does something like that Tom and I make it a huge deal and start clapping and say yeah Will - we are all for the positive reinforcement :)).  He was so proud of himself.  He continued to do this for a good 10 minutes and would look at us because he knew darn well we should be clapping and cheering as well. 

Every time we get the video camera out we like to look back to when he was a little itty bitty baby and it sure is crazy to think he was that small.  Looking back at those chins, hearing him gwha and ga, snort when he laughed, get frustrated for having to do tummy time, his tiny little clothes and the list goes on and on.  So I am thankful for our video camera that has captured so many moments that I don't want to forget!

Look at those chins and that smile! 

When it's time for Will's bedtime he is very easy to go down.  We could just lay him in his crib with skip it, a passy and a blanket and he would be down for the night.  But we usually read him a book or two or sing him songs first.  Last night after seeing my little cuddly baby I wanted to see if I could rock him to sleep so I gave him skip it and his passy and he just snuggled up with me.  I cradled him like a baby and sang him songs and rocked him to sleep.  It definitely gave me the feeling of having my itty little baby in my arms, well except for the fact that his legs are completely hanging off the rocking chair.  :)  I can't even put into words the feeling you get when you watch your child fall asleep/sleep.  It definitely brings you back to when they were born!

 My tiny little bubber . . . he definitely didn't stay tiny for long!

So sweet and peaceful snoozing away! 

The countdown begins until we find out what is next for our little baby boy #2.  1 MORE WEEK!  As you have seen from my posts, this has been a roller coaster and I am more than ready to know what comes next.  Next week, please go by fast!!!!  :)

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