Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today is the Day

Am I ready for today?   Yes and no.  I am ready to get some answers on where we go from here but I don't think I have quite grasped and accepted what we are dealing with.  I am not ready to see how large his bladder has gotten because it breaks my heart.  I hate every part of this and don't understand why this is happening to our baby or why bad things happen to any baby for that matter.  We are supposed to be excited to see our baby on the ultra sound machine, but instead I feel sick to my stomach thinking about having to see him. 

I know it could be worse.  So many of the stories I have read, couples have been trying for years to have their first child and when they finally get pregnant something like this happens.  If I feel this awful, I can't imagine how they feel.  We at least can get pregnant and most importantly we have our crazy Will that helps us deal with this situation.  So for that we are more than thankful!

Below is my belly at 16 weeks and 1 day.  I have decided I am going to try to be as optimistic as possible - so taking a picture of my growing belly is part of those steps.  Next to that picture is when I was 20.5 weeks pregnant with Will, so it looks like baby #2 is measuring a little bit bigger - it does also look like I am carrying baby #2 a little bit higher.  Had I not know I was having a boy - I really would have guessed I was having a girl.  

Today I am thankful for all of your thoughts and prayers - I hope tomorrow I can be thankful that they worked!

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  1. Hey Laura! I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you. Whatever happens I know that you are strong and a good person and you will be able to make it through!

    Love and miss you!