Monday, November 29, 2010

Just Dance

I know I have already said I am thankful for Will, but it never hurts to say it again!  :)  It's a little dark as I am using my camera . . . but hope you get to see the new moves Will must have learned from his dancing queen cousins, Ali and Jenna.

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! We went over to my sister's house (Tara and Glen's) and of course had a great time. We sure did miss the Frick's and my parents! My parents are in FL for a few weeks and the highs have been in the upper 80's with the lows in the lower 70's. Am I jealous, I certainly am! But, I was able to go last year for 10 days so I will survive. :)

Friday -

I am thankful for Tom's family. I should let Tom write this one out as he is able to go more in depth but I will give it my best shot. :) Tom's Mom passed away a few months before I met Tom so I didn't get to meet her, but I am thankful to her and Gary for raising such a good hubby and father! Even though I hate that I didn't get meet her and hate that Tom had to go through the loss of his mother - I am very thankful that our little baby is with someone who I know loves him just as much as we would have. We are also very thankful for Gary and Linda. They love Will to pieces and even though Linda isn't his biological grandchild, she still loves him just the same and Will is one lucky little boy to have 5 amazing grandparents that love him so much! We are also thankful for his sister, brother and sister-in-law - they have been very helpful with Will and I know Tom feels the same way I do about my sisters - he wouldn't know what he would do without them.

Saturday -
I am thankful for the men and women who serve our country. As I was thinking about this the other day it made me so sad to think of the families who are spending their holidays without their loved one. I just can't imagine.

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