Monday, November 15, 2010

1/2 Way Through November?

Thank goodness! November might go down as my worst month of all time so I am ready for it to be gone, gone, gone.

I was boycotting blogging because somehow when they updating the blogging tools, mine got deleted so I only have 4 options (bold, italic, strike through and link . . . I need MORE)!!!!

Our weekend was a pretty good one. Friday night I went over to my good friend Meredith's house as our good friend Jules was in town who moved to NV. We literally chatted for a good 4 hours, and if I wasn't tired we could have chatted all night. That's when you know you have great friends! It was so good to see both of them.

Saturday AM Aunt Mary watched Will while we went out for Tom's ambassadors club social. I only stayed for a little while as Will had to go down for a nap, but it was great catching up with the ladies! 2 of the other ladies there were pregnant as well and both are having girls - I have 5 friends that are having girls! This little boy is going to be surrounded! :)

That night we took it easy and got food to go and watched a movie. My kind of night. Yesterday cousin Jenna (Krista's little girl who is 3.5 mo older than Will) came over for a play date and it was a great time. Will just loves her! He kept smiling at her and saying hi, hugging her and patting her on the back. It was so cute. She is such an easy child compared to Will! I think we said NO Will about 50 times while she was there and not one NO Jenna . . . there might have been one, but I think that is only because Jenna was following what the crazy was doing. I guess that's just the difference between boys and girls. At least that is my excuse for now!

Thankful for . . .
Nov 15 - this is the week we find out what is in store for our little baby boy. I have mixed emotions about this as I sometimes just want to pretend he is fine but in reality he is not and we could even see on the US that our little boy's heart stopped. Some days it's just too hard to deal with so pretending like all is fine will have to work.

Nov 14 - Will's day. He is thankful for his cousin Jenna. She is so much fun.

Nov 13 - Gap's Give and Get discount - I saved SO much money and was able to donate 5% of the profit to a charity of my choice. Gives me a reason to shop! :)

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