Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hurts So Good!

My parents wanted to take Will for the weekend and while it was so hard saying good bye and I missed him like crazy, EVERY parent needs some time away from their kids.  It's good for your relationship and good for you.  He loves Grammy and Papa and loves to explore EVERYTHING in their house!  He had a great time and wasn't even too excited to see us when we picked him up yesterday afternoon - geesh, thanks Will!  :)

Our kid free weekend . . .
Friday night we met up with some of our neighbors for happy hour and to watch the Cyclones BEAT the Hawks!  GO CYCLONES!  You can imagine my excitement as Laura (my neighbor) and I were the only Cyclone fans in our group.  :)

Saturday Tom and I wanted to try out Prairie Life and we really liked it!  Indoor/Outdoor pool, b-ball/v-ball courts, tons of classes, FREE child care with it's own child gym (Will's DREAM) and a great weight and cardio area.  I need something to motivate me to want to keep pushing myself and they certainly have a ton of very fit peeps there that motivate me to want to get back into shape.  As I was walking next to an itty bitty, buff, no body fat, running like a cheetah, women - rocking her spandex and sports bra - the competitive person I am, SO badly wanted to run as fast as she was just to prove I could do it . . . but the fact that I haven't ran in a very long time and I am still recovering, decided that passing out in front of all these people was not an option.  :)  And yes, I was sore on Sunday - whatever muscles I had before our little baby boy #2, are completely gone.  But, I really don't care.

That day I got my hair cut and highlighted - it had been 5 months, yes, I would gasp too - roots were awful.  I love my hairstylist and there is never a silent moment - we just gab the entire 2.5 hours.  Yes, that's how long it takes. 

That night we went out to dinner and then decided to brave the blizzard conditions and meet up with a group of friends.  We stayed out way to late but it felt so good to get dressed up, have one on one time with the hubby and meet up with friends!!

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