Friday, December 17, 2010

A Day in the Life of Will

7:15 Will wakes up and starts his chattering then throws his passy, skip it and blanket out of the crib.  Get him up and change his diaper/clothes and he points around the room saying - what's that, what's that or uh oh and his new one is Papa (Dad, were you working on that a bit over the weekend :)?) and once we get him changed he wants to touch the cool artwork/touchy thing (no idea how describe it) his Grandpa J made for him. 

He then goes down the stairs by himself and gets excited.  Continues his excitement and runs to see Santa  (a nightlight) and says San - Ta and Ho Ho over and over.  Continues his excitement and runs to the advent calendar (that has now been moved up higher because he won't leave it alone) and wants to put the new one up.  He then opens the fridge (good lord, I thought we had a while until he could open up that thing) and points to the milk and says milk.  Walks over to the tree chugging his milk and tries to find a bulb that we haven't yet moved to the top of the tree. 

Finally - breakfast time . . . usually scarfs down his breakfast.  Especially if it's eggs with etup (ketchup).

We hurry to put on his shoes, (note to parents - don't buy a kid shoes with shoelaces at this age . . . pain in the neck putting them on when your child wants nothing to do with them being on) coat and hat on and he hurries and tries to take them all off.  He then says shoo (shoes) a few times and then we hurry to put on our shoes/coat, etc as he is pretty quick and tries to fly to the basement.

Get him in the car and then drive the 3 blocks to Lisa house.  When he sees her house he gets excited (we take him to an in-home daycare that he LOVES as he somedays doesn't want to leave).  Put his hat back on that he has taken off, get him inside and now he wants nothing to do with us trying to take off his coat, hat and shoes - he just wants to play.  He then gives Lisa a hug and goes and get the scooter.

Get him from daycare and then he does his routine of closing the garage door, checking out san-ta, advent calendar and goes to get his milk.  Scarfs down his dinner (or throws it and says uh oh if he doesn't like it) and then climbs the chairs, picks apart the tree, takes all the bows off the presents, tries to open the presents - you name it, he tries it.

Then it's 7:00, bedtime.  Runs around his room for a bit, grabs skip it and passy and he's out.

Next morning the same routine . . . it's always groundhogs day at the Jackovin house.  :)

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