Friday, February 4, 2011


Yesterday we got this puppy in the mail . . . Britax Roundabout 55 Convertible Car Seat

I was SO excited for this to arrive.  Funny how things change when you have kids, never did I picture myself getting excited about a carseat!  I have been eyeing this carseat (Britax Roundabout 55) since Will outgrew his bucket seat.  I just couldn't spend 200+ on a carseat so I waited and waited and FINALLY I got it on sale for $150.00.  I instantly sent this on to a few friends I thought might be in need of a convertible carseat and they also purchased it.  I love saving money and glad I could help a few friends save some cashola as well!!!!  This was rated the highest for just about everything and the number one priority on my list is SAFETY!  After doing my research and calling my Dad who lives by Consumer Reports - this one is the best in my book!  I can't wait to get it installed!  I know, I am dork and I fully admit that.  :)

I also ordered a TON of flashcards and learning "toys" for Will and they couldn't have come at a better time.  Yesterday I was reading up on college tuition and started panicking about how high it is.  To top it off - I was reading the news and guess what?  Tuition is going to go up even higher.  So, we will be flashcarding it up this weekend (it's too soon to start weightlifting :)).  I have high hopes Will is going to be a jolly green giant and could get some kind of scholarship for sports, but what happens if he hates sports you ask?  Well, he better be super smart because if I want to have at least 3 kids (I would love to have 5 or 6, but I would need to win the lottery if that were the case) one of them better get a scholarship!  I know we don't have to pay for our kids college education, but our parents paid for ours so we want to do the same for our kids.  Pay it forward, right?

On a totally unrelated topic but equally as important . . . BON JOVI IS COMING TO WELLS FARGO.  I am so EXCITED!  My sisters, bff Kristina and a few of my sisters friends are going as well.  Yes, we are going to make a big event of it.  Shirts will be made, pre-party, after-party and hotel for the night.  Oh and taking a vacation day from work is going to be a must.  This was from my second concert.  Counting down the days until May 12th.  :)

And this was from my first.  We were THAT close!!!!

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  1. Thank you AGAIN for the heads-up on the killer deal on Amazon! Georgia's carseat(s) should be here tomorrow.