Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jack Charles Jackovin

You have a name!  I know what you are thinking - Jack Jackovin?  Mom!  But little guy, nobody in heaven will make fun of your name, people are too nice up there and clearly you are having too much fun with those people because your big brother is living up to his name, CRAZY!  What were you and Grandma Jackovin doing when Will did a front flip off the couch?  What about when he ran dead smack into the stairs (yep, that will leave a mark!)?  You two need to watch him a little bit better - he clearly is not afraid of much!

This past month has been hard, really hard.  I think the reality of everything that happened is all hitting me full force and I am just sensitive to everything that involves you or about babies in general.  To the outside world I know I appear fine and I am past what happened, but I will never get past this.  Sure, time will heal, but this is a scar that will never be fully healed . . . I can't even write this without crying.  There is nothing I want more in this world then for you to be born and to live.

Love, Mommy


  1. Hi~

    I rec. your comment today, and was so sad to read of your baby Jack. I am so sorry! I am sorry for your pain. I hear you, loud and clear, when you say, "this is a scar that will never be fully healed." I too, feel that

    I will be keeping you close in thought.

    You are so beautiful, and so is your baby boy Will. I wish you as much peace as possible ;o)



    Btw, I LOVE your blog design... it's perfect!

  2. I am so crazy...I forgot the other main thing I wanted to say to you.....

    Thank you SO much for your kind words, and for following along. Your comment means so much to me!!!!!

    I'm sorry, I published without reding it over, and making sure I said everything.

    My mom always looks at me and says, Too fast! You are too fast!

    I tell her, I have to be, or I would never get anything done ;o)

  3. You make me want to get busy on a blog re-design ; ) Yours is just my style too!