Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Only the Good Die Young

I have been a bad blogger lately!  Here's a short long recap of what's been going on in the Jackovin's household.

2 weekends ago we went to Chicago for our good friend's Rob and Katie's wedding.  My parents were able to pick up Will in Des Moines so we headed to Iowa City to break up the trip.  We were able to go to Graze for their chicken lips and we were both in heaven.  We so wish Graze didn't close in Des Moines.  We love us some chicken lips! 

We got to Chicago on Friday around 1:00 and of course I was out the hotel room door in a matter of seconds to go shopping.  After shopping we went to the rehearsal dinner which was at a reaaalllly good pizza place.  The kind of Chicago pizza place that leaves you stuffed after only ONE piece!  So good.  Saturday we went and walked around, had breakfast with Gary and Linda and then Tom took off to get his sexy on, rocking the tux with the Groom and the rest of the wedding party.  I met up with my new friend Julie and we went shopping and to HAPPY HOUR with her sister.  I love happy hour if you haven't caught on from past posts.  :)  The wedding was beautiful, so much fun and the drinks were of course flowing.  Shocking, I know.

Will had a blast with my parents and didn't really care that we were home.  He went to the Bell Tower Fesitval (which happened to be my 10 year reunion - at least he made an appearance for me, right?), went to a pond that has so many feeeessssh (fish), played outside, went to a parade, snuggled with my Mom, you get the picture - he loved every minute.

Mr. and Mrs. Naurath

The Hubs and Me ( I do have a dress on, I promise)

That following Monday brought some sad news.  My good friend, Sarah's (high school buddies) mother had a stroke and by Tuesday she had passed away.  She was only 61 and was so healthy.  It was absolutely devastating news.  Sarah has 4 other siblings and it just breaks my heart that they lost their Mom at such a young age.  She was super Mom, Grandma, Wife and Friend to so many people and had the heart of gold.  Her heart of gold was definitely passed on to Sarah and we thank Mary Jo for that.  My friend Ebban flew back from Switzerland and was up at Hyvee and somebody said to her, "You are such a good friend", Ebban replied, "no, Sarah is a way better friend".  Ebban couldn't have put it better, Sarah is one of the most selfless people I have met and it breaks all of our hearts to see her go through such a terrible loss.  It just isn't fair.

On Wednesday night I went to Jefferson to see Sarah and her family.  While I was there Sarah got a call from the organ donation coordinator and Mary Jo was able to donate EVERYTHING except her heart (which had the tinniest flaw).  I can't even describe the feeling in the room - it was something I will never forget.  They were all so proud of their Mom and even though she was gone, she continued to be selfless and giving to others in need.  Because of Mary Jo, somebody will see again, somebody will be taken off dialysis, somebody will be able to breath again, someone will be given another shot at a normal life.  She is a hero in every sense.  Mary Jo, your life was taken to soon. 

Sarah, Mary Jo and Sarah's sister, Lisa

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  1. Laura you are so sweet for saying such great things about my mom! You are an awesome friend. I'm so glad that you were there when I got the call from the donor network!
    Love you!