Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fun, but super busy 3 day weekend!  Friday night our good friends from Chicago got to town for the weekend.  Tom met them at Centro for dinner so Will and I hit the mall(if I am going to spend 80+ on dinner, I want to enjoy it, no offense, Will).  Guess what I found at the mall?  Under Armour finally has toddler clothing.  I am not sure if that's a good thing or not.  For all of you that know Tom and me, we love us some UA and UA isn't exactly cheap.  Will and I had some great Mommy/Son time at the mall and I even let him play at the germinfesteed-toomanykidstocount-playarea.  He was NOT happy when we left the play place.  After the mall, Tom, Rob, Katie and our old neighbor Jarrod came over for some much needed cocktails at the Jackovin Pub.

Saturday morning we took Rob and Katie to the Des Moines Farmers Market and of course it started raining.  Umm, not such a good job on the forecast Jerriann.  We then came back and lounged and then Rob and Katie had to get ready for a wedding and we had to get ready for the annual Mitchell Memorial Day Kegger.  Mitchell's are our good friends/neighbors across the street and their annual party makes for an annual hangover as the beers, jello shots, wine are flowing and then the game of flippy cup starts.  Flippy cup is ALWAYS a great idea at the time . . . at the time are the key words here.

Sunday we went out for breakfast with Katie, Rob and Amanda and Scott.  There is a new cafe that opened up by us so we thought we should try it out.  It was delicious and I am anxious to get back to try all of their smoothies, coffee drinks and shakes!  Yum.  That night a few Adpi girls were in town so we all got together for Mexican and then hit Saints to sit outside on their patio.  I MISS YOU GIRLS SO MUCH!  We had a great time gossiping, reminiscing and catching up.

Monday we stopped by Jack's Memorial which turned out awesome and is right next to Tom's Mom's Memorial.  These were the only picture we took all weekend!  My camera battery was dead and Tom isn't the best at getting the kodak moments with his phone.  After that we walked around and then headed over to Krista's house for a pool party and then went over to Mary's house for a bbq.  Needless to say, when Will is around his cousins he doesn't sit for longer than 5 minutes and that's only because I am trying to get him to eat.  He didn't have a nap that day so he was WORN OUT and so were his parents.  :)

Kind of creepy statues that Will was very interested in.  Here he is trying to hold her hand.  :)

Hope you had all had a great weekend!

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