Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Half way to TWO!

Will hit 18 months last Thursday and he must realize what the doctor is all about.  At his 15 month appt he was giving hugs left and right, not the case at his 18 month appt.  Tom took him and said he cried/fought the entire time. Can't say I blame him, who in their right mind likes doctor appointments?

Will update:
36.5 inches (off the charts for %) and 27 lbs (60% - I thought for sure he was over 30!). 
Will still fits his nickname "The Crazy".
He has some kind of a ball or multiple balls in his hands 99% of the day (I tried to put out a glass vase with decorative "balls" and he gets rather upset that he can't play with the "balls".
He loves his scooter and insists he carry a ball in his hands while he rides it.
He has plenty of new tricks that constantly have us saying NO WILL (one of the new tricks is shown below).
He tries to stand on anything he feels will make him taller, even if it's his cell phone.
The only teeth left to come in are the big molars . . . thank GOODNESS.  Teething bites.

He is getting very fast - I can't imagine what he will do when he can ride toys outside -thank goodness for helmets!  Possibly even bubble wrap?  :)

Playing catch with Grandpa and Grandma Linda.

He loves to put on shoes that are way too big.

Watching a cartoon . . .

He gets bored and decides to get off the chair his own way . . . 

What are we going to do with you, Will?

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