Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Trouble . . . Trouble, Trouble, Trouble Trouble

Trouble been doggin' my soul since the day I was born."  You have all heard this commercial that has the cute little puppy . . . well this is Will's new theme song and below is a perfect example of why.

His new trick . . . he even knows to put out his arm like he is the "King of the World"

Will = Crazy.  Will = Busy.  Will = Trouble.  Will = Tired Mommy and Daddy.

He can now get out of his crib.  Nightmare.  We haven't gotten sleep for the past 3 weeks.  He woke up one night at 2:00 AM crying so we both took a turn and tried to get him back to bed.  All was quite so we thought we had succeeded.  WRONG!  All of sudden we hear "uh oh" a few times and then knocking on his door followed by "Maaa, where ball?"  The BEST SLEEPER EVER decided to flip a switch and is now the WORST sleeper ever.  Sadly that switch won't be turned back for a while I feel.

We have really enjoyed the past few weekends of nice weather.  We have been to the park A LOT!  Every time we hit the park I always get the question, how old is he?  Everyone is shocked when I say almost 21 months.  He towers over all the kids his age and some that are well above his age . . . this shouldn't surprise anyone when they see how tall I am and if Tom is with me, how tall we both are!

Next on my list is getting a video of Will dancing.  Hilarious.  He used to only dance to certain songs, but now when he hears any tune he wants to bust out all of his "moves".  I think between Will and his cousin Jenna - these two could be quite the performers!  :)

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