Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I see pictures on FB of little babes falling asleep on their parents, in high chairs, in their jumparoo, on the floor, you get the picture.  Will was never one of those babes.  I take that back, when he was itty bitty he would cuddle with us, but that was because he was itty bitty.  This is the only picture I have of Will sleeping with me (partly because the hubby isn't the best at taking "Kodak Moments").  This was when he was 2 days old . . . aww.

So last night I was shocked Will was sitting still so long while watching the news . . . I look over and Tom is whispering, "He is OUT!"  And he certainly was.  And this my friends, makes me one happy Momma.  I LOVE SNUGGLING!

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