Monday, March 28, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I will start with the ugly:
Will has hit 20 months and boy am I am thinking that because he looks 2, he has decided to hit the terrible 2's early. Tom and I are starting to wonder where our sweet little boy has gone?

This past month Will has started to throw tantrums when he doesn't get his way.  When I say tantrums, it means head butting (us or the wall), hitting, screaming, kicking his legs, you get the picture. Thankfully he doesn't do this at daycare or to anyone else.  His biggest tantrums are thrown when we comes inside . . . this could be a long summer.

So how do we tackle these tantrums??? What we are currently doing is putting him timeout.  Yes, we have to hold the strong boy down as he is freaking out.  Good times . . .The only positive is after he is done with time out, he wants to give us hugs.  I'll take it.  Does this mean he feels bad?  Or he is just working us as he knows that is Mommy's number 1 weakness?  I'll go with the latter.  I will say, this past week he has not head butted us . . . but the crying and kicking still happens when he has to come inside.  I can't say I blame him though, after being stuck inside for the past 3-4 months, I would want to stay outside as well!

The bad:

What's his new word? NO! He even said NO when Mickey Mouse asked, "Say, you want to come inside my playhouse?" NO might beat out his number one favorite word which you all know is BALL! Why is NO the easier word to say? Whoever thought up NO, I could smack them.

He is a little too obsessed with balls.  When we get to daycare, if one of the other kids has what he deems as "his" balls, he pretty much pushes the child to try to get it out of their hands.  And, he is a hoarder.  He collects them all and doesn't want to share.  He's got the obsession of balls, the jolly green giant genes, he's building the calf muscles by walking on his toes . . . next we need to work on coordination.  Whoa . . . bad parent.  Next we need to work on sharing and using our words.  :)

He collects ALL of the balls from the garage and puts them in his wagon, sits in it, throws them all out and repeats.  Hey, whatever keeps him busy and happy.

Now the good on Will:
He continues to get taller and has outgrown most of his 18-24 month jeans/shirts.  Tear.  Today my favorite pair of his jeans were high waters on him and the polo I picked out?  Pretty much a midriff.  Good thing he doesn't care because I wanted him to wear that outfit one more time.
He is starting to say more words and is working on putting words together.  The other day we had a 5 minute conversation and even though I had no idea what he was talking about, he seemed so matter of fact and it was just so cute. 

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