Wednesday, October 13, 2010

15 Month Checkup

Will had his 15 month check up and all is great!  He was 35 1/4 inches tall (off the charts for %) and was 25.2 lbs (60th % . . . he actually lost a pound which doesn't surprise me as that child is non-stop go).  Will had shots today which must have knocked him out as fell asleep in the car - he NEVER falls asleep in the car.  When his doctor and intern came in, Will gave each of them hugs . . . he of course went for the intern first as she is a female.  He is just such a sweetie and just loves everybody!  We even saw Will's bff - cousin Jenna at the doctor!  :)

A few other things to report . . .

*Will is now in the "testing us" stage.  He knows when he is being naughty and he thinks it's funny and tries to
push his limits.  We try so hard not to laugh because that smile just does it for us! 
*Will's new favorite word is HI and he even says HI to toddlers on the TV.
*He is getting 4 new teeth - his I teeth so with his cold he is one snotty mess.
*He got his first pair of Nike Shocks and thinks they are pretty cool (so do his Mommy and Daddy).
*Took his first trip to the Apple Orchard and loves Apple Cider (Deals is the BEST).
*Loves to climb on the furniture and thinks it's a game.
*He is BUSY . . . who needs the gym when you have a crazy toddler on the loose?
*He is still deathly afraid of this moving hippo we have by our wine rack (yes, we put it there so he would stay away from it) and if he is being naughty we say "Will . . . watch out for the hippo" and that kid flies to us.  Kind of mean, I know, but hey, whatever works.
*Can say Park . . . well it's actually Hark to him, but again, whatever works.

We had Polking Thanksgiving 1 of 2 this past Sunday (see pics below).  It was more like a get together as it was 85 that day!  My parents are ditching us for the warm weather and heading to FL for the whole month of November and some of December . . . am I jealous - heck yes!  In the morning we hit the Deal's Orchard Fall festival and had a great time.  They have the best Apple Cider.  After that we went to my parents house for food, drinks and football.

 Enjoy the pics!

Polking Cousins on the hayride.
Jackovin Family at the Pumpkin Patch.
Will going for the ducks!

At first he was quite so sure . . .


Cousins Ben, Ali, Will and Kayla at the Frick's.

My little Cycone Fan.


At Leslie's Wedding.

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