Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer turns to FALL!

Well not quite yet, but I LOVE FALL . . . so thought I better get a head start on the fall design! :)

Lots of new things in the Jackovin house to report . . . (sorry, very long)

* Will is no longer called little
Bubber - he is now BUSY Bubber. He is full time walking and likes to try to go as fast as he can which when he does this, he definitely hasn't quite got the balance to do so thus he looks like he has had a few beers.

* If he doesn't like his food or is finished - he throws it and I must say that kid has an arm on him. As most would, I get frustrated and use my stern voice and say NO Will - what does he do? Busts out laughing . . . I have to turn around and laugh and then go back to my "stern" voice . . . as you can guess, nothing works, if it doesn't go in his mouth it's on the floor. Thank goodness for the dyson handi-vac.

* Will started Daycare! We all definitely miss Lauren but so far daycare is going well. On the 2nd day he wanted to get down right away and play with the toys - he is toy HEAVEN. He even took a nap the first day which I was worried about as he has gotten used to sleeping in his crib 95% of the time. He definitely isn't getting his 4 - 5 hours of sleep during the day, but hopefully he will start getting 3 hours. That child needs his sleep. Heis such a social little guy and loves to play with kids and goes to any adult that holds their hands out to him. I still think he has a thing for brunettes. When he was at my sister's house the other day she said he kept reaching out for her good friend Michelle, who is a very pretty brunette and is also very nice . . . stay on that track Will, Mama is VERY nervous about having a crazy daughter-in-law. :)

* LOVES the pool and park! Thanks to the Fricks/Meiers we had 2 pools to go to this summer and we sure did just that. He loves to go to the pool and loves the attention he gets from his Aunts and Counins. He also loves the park and cries or gets a sad puppy face when we leave. Great, he is only 1, can't wait to see what he will be like next year.

* New favorite word is Mama. The other day Grandpa
Jackovin was babysitting and when Will heard the door open he said MAMA . . . Tom wasn't amused, I however LOVE It.

*Will is going to his first wedding this weekend! My good friend from college is getting married on Sunday and I am in the wedding. VERY much looking forward to her wedding and standing up for her as she has been such a great friend to me for the past 8 years (has it really been that long?)! Will will be looking handsome in a tux that Cole wore to my wedding (thanks sis for the hand-me-down). I'll be sure to post some pics. :)

* New favorite (and only) show he watches is Sid the Science Kid. And I must say I like it as well . . . the songs stick in my head ALL day at work. It's my favorite time because he snuggles on my shoulder and I just LOVE it. He RARELY snuggles with me anymore so I will take advantage of anytime he will snuggle with me.

* Favorite letter? O. Favorite shape? Circle. Whenever I get the puzzles down he gets SO excited and tries to run to get to the puzzle . . . he thens grabs the O or the circle and won't let go of it. He will give you other pieces, but don't even try to get the O or the cirlcle. So funny how kids get

attached to things.

* We FOUND a 2nd
SkipIt! My Sister's MIL gave Will SkipIt buddy blanket and book when he was born and as most of you have seen - he is ATTACHED. He just loves to snuggle with that blanket so we HAD to find another one for daycare - after searching EVERYWHERE - I finally figured out what exactly it was called and then found it on Amazon. THANK GOD! Now, let's see if he likes the 2nd model of SkipIt. I have heard stories that they know the original and want that one. I think Will will be just find with the 2nd model at daycare. :)

As for Tom and me nothing too much to report. Work is going very well for both of us and Will is keeping us on our toes. We continue to argue about what Will will wear for the ISU vs IA game this year. Ridiculous, I know . . . why couldn't Tom have been a Cyclone? Life would be SOOO much easier.

I am still a little upset about Tom bringing over an IA onezie to wear at Mary's last year. I know, me hold a grudge? Shocking, right? :) With that being said, Will was SUPPOSED to wear an ISU shirt last year since it was in Ames and vice versa for IA this year . . . except Tom screwed it up. So Will is going to be wearing ISU gear for 2 years in a row. One would think Tom would know not to screw with me. It's a good thing I get all of Tara and Krista's kids hand-me-downs because they both had a TON of ISU stuff. HA!

On a side not . . . please keep this little boy
Zachary in your prayers. I came across his site from a friend and although I don't know him he is one of the strongest little boys! His story amazes me and even though he is in the fight of his life he continues to fight and always has a smile on his face. Kids really do amaze me - why can't we all have his attitude???

Hope all is going great for you all! Looking forward to cool weather, jeans and sweatshirts!

Enjoy the pics! The bottom pics were pics done by my sister's good friend Andi. She does AWESOME work (as I have said in the past). Please click on the name of my sista's to see some of her work. Sonya, Krista, Will's.

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