Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Buddy(s)

Last Friday night we watched Jenna and Cole and let me tell ya - Will had fun with his Cousins.  Will always wants to do everything Cole is doing and Cole might not think it's cute, but I think it is!  Jenna and Will are really starting to play together and I LOVE IT!  They are just too cute to watch.  Right when we got to their house Jenna was running around the house and Will was chasing after her and they were both giggling away!  Once it was time for bed we were walking (well crawling) up the stairs and they were just giggling again and since Will gets a little distracted by the railing, Jenna would hold out her hand to Will so he would get a move on.  :) 

Will is now a little monkey and will climb on anything.  The other day Tom and I were both in the living room and one second Will is playing with his laugh and learn table and the next second he is standing on top of it trying to get to the cord for the blinds.  He was even trying to climb his b-ball hoop that is not even as tall as him!  What a goof ball!

I bought Will's winter gear and while I dislike winter weather I can't wait to see him all bundled up looking like a little marshmallow and watching him sled with his Daddy while I watch from inside drinking hot chocolate (I don't do cold weather :))!

Will's still doing good at daycare although he can't seem to shake this cold . . . which makes me a little nervous for the cold weather as it's still pretty warm and he has had this cold for a few weeks!  Ugh!

Hope you are all having a great week!

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