Thursday, July 16, 2009


We got home Wednesday around 12:00 and all is going great so far!!! We are so in love and can't get enough of our little guy! He has been sleeping and eating great so far and when he is awake he is very alert. He is such a great baby and we just love him so much! He already had his first trip to the doctor and to Target this morning and he didn't even make a peep. He had to get his little foot pricked for a blood sample to confirm he is clear of Jaundice and so far he is clear of it but they will do one more test tomorrow. He didn't even cry when they pricked his foot . . . but I almost did!

I feel great and am counting by blessings that I had a pretty "easy" labor. They started the pitocin at 8:00; started having heavy contractions at 9:00; epidural around 10:30; staring pushing at 2:15 and he came into the world at 2:43. After hearing stories from other Mom's, I definitely clasify my labor as easy. ;)

Tom is a natural Daddy and is becoming a pro at changing diapers. He has already put hawkeye clothes on Will and sneaks pictures behind my back. It's a good thing I am updating this - otherwise all the pictures would have Will in Hawkeye clothing. :)

We hope you all are doing well and please feel free to stop by anytime to meet Will!

Laura, Tom and Will

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